Meet angela choberka

A dedicated public servant, Angela's story revolves around her unwavering commitment to positive community change. From her role as an educator to her leadership in community initiatives and the Ogden City Council, Angela has consistently searched for ways to make our community better. Now, she is running to work for you as the State Representative for District 9.

Angela's professional background is as a teacher. She spent a decade in the classroom as an elementary school educator helping children reach their highest potential. Angela has also served as an Adjunct Professor of English at Weber State University for over a decade. Her research contributions include work on suicide prevention grants and community partnerships to improve health equity.

Her leadership extends to community initiatives, including her role as the Director of the Ogden United Promise Neighborhood, where she spearheaded efforts to support children's holistic development. Elected to the Ogden City Council in 2017, Angela has served as Vice Chair and Chair, playing a pivotal role in local governance.

Her professional journey reflects her passion for creating meaningful impact. Currently serving as the Program Manager for SelectHealth, Angela leads efforts to address health disparities for caregivers, patients, and communities. Her role involves strategic planning, continuous improvement, and education on health disparities.

Angela's multifaceted career, from mentoring teachers and leading educational initiatives to managing healthcare projects focused on addressing critical disparities to leading on critical issues as a city councilor, showcases her versatility and adaptability. Whether it's teaching children or spearheading legislation on Capitol Hill, Angela will always bring a multifaceted approach to solving complex issues.

Active community engagement is a hallmark of Angela's life. She serves in many roles on legislative committees, human rights commissions, and local boards, emphasizing a dedication to addressing issues at both grassroots and policy levels.

Angela Choberka is a staunch advocate for a government rooted in trust, recognizing its essential role in fostering a healthy democracy. Recognizing the harm caused by politicization and polarization, Angela is dedicated to working hard, working together, and, most importantly, working for the community.