Read about the supporters Angela has for her campaign for Ogden City Council. 

Community Endorsements

Emily and Steve Ballard, Residents and business owners in Municipal Ward 1. 

Thai Curry Kitchen, Rainbow Salad

Thai Curry Kitchen, Rainbow Salad

"We are thrilled that our neighbor,  Angela Choberka, is stepping up and running for Ogden City Council. Angela is attentive, thoughtful, and one of the kindest people we know. She has been a valuable member of the Junior League of Ogden and will be a great addition to the council. Please support Angela in her bid to serve our community!"

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Sonora Grill

Thai Curry Kitchen


Jared Allen, Artist, Business Owner, Historic Preservationist, Music Lover, and Resident

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kym buttschardt, Business owner in municipal ward 1.

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Roosters Brewing Company and Restaurant

Union Grill


Shalae Larsen, Resident and Principal business owner in municipal ward 1. 

Shalae and Angela have worked on numerous community projects and committees throughout the years. And she endorses her for city council!

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IO Design Co and Landscape Architecture


Dan and Suzy Dailey, Business Owners and Community Builders.

Sunflower Community Garden

Sunflower Community Garden

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Grounds for Coffee


Ogden Chicken Alliance

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Jesse Garcia, Former Ogden City Council member, Municipal Ward 1 for 16 years.

"You have my total support and endorsement."


Sue wilkerson, resident and business owner in municipal ward 1.

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The Lighthouse

Re/max Crossroads Ogden



Rebecca BROADBeNT SATO and Nathanael Sato, Busines Owners and Residents in Municipal Ward 1. 

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Marcy Rizzi, Local Business owner, MUNICIPAL ward 1

"Though Taylor Knuth-Bishop and Angela Berryman Choberka are not in my ward for city council I urge you all to vote for them. 
I’ve noticed all of the politicians talking about how small business is vital for our community but only Taylor and Angela have stopped at Booked and talked to me about my concerns or input. They have also made purchases in the store, making a conscious decision to keep their money in their community. 
Words are easy .... these two have proven that action is what they practice."

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Booked on 25th: Ogden's Uncensored Book Store