Uniting Our Community

Earlier this week during my campaign launch event, I had the opportunity to tell many of my friends and neighbors why I am running for Ogden City Council. One of the main reasons is my love of our community. It takes time and effort to build community. It takes the willingness to listen to one another and the ability to hear what another person's experience has been. One example of the community coming together to support one another this past week was the passing of a joint resolution reaffirming the safety and inclusion of all residents.

I had the honor of listening to and witnessing the efforts of some local organizations discussing the fears local residents hold because of the national rhetoric regarding the undocumented. These group leaders met with Mayor Caldwell and Police Chief Watt to work toward a resolution Ogden City passed regarding the safety and inclusion of our immigrant and refugee populations. 

Read it here:

This is one example of how we can continue to build a foundation of shared understanding of lived experience within our very own community.

Angela Choberka