So About this Ogden City School District Bond...

I've been hearing a lot about how worried and upset people are about the Ogden City School District Bond Proposal. I agree that it can be quite worrisome to hear that your local elementary school may be torn down and turned into a giant-super school. I also have experienced what the charming older buildings are like throughout the city - some more charming than others. So, I have attended and plan to attend a lot more public meetings about this issue throughout the city. You should, too!

Here is the website that includes all of the proposal details to date and the dates and times of meetings where you can find out more for yourself.

I have a couple of concerns about the issue myself. I also want to support the school district in providing each and every one of the students they serve with our public dollars with a safe and equitable educational experience. I am worried about how the school district will pay for the much-needed repairs to the current buildings if the voters do not support the bond. Will they need to allocate current limited resources to deal with them? That will not be ok with me.

At T.O. Smith's open house this week there were very few attendees who were not school district staff members. The principal recounted a quite extensive list of structural problems the students encounter when it rains, when they attempt to use current technology, and when they want to offer more resources in the library. I'm not sure how many people have visited the newly-constructed Newbridge Elementary school a couple of miles away, but there is quite a difference in experiences. What I would like to urge everyone to do is to go to the meetings and public hearing. Visit each of the proposed elementary schools in the district and talk to the teachers and staff members about what they think. And if you do not agree with the current proposal, make your voice heard. The district is asking for you to do so.



Angela Choberka